Following the recent spate of events in the country, I couldn’t have agreed less with Achebe that,’When the society is ill,then the task facing the writer to portray the ills of the society is an uphill one.’ Evidently,the unhealthy Nigerian polity begging for our indulgence disposes any iota of doubt as to the enormity of the task facing the Nigerian writer. Infact, the unstable nature of the situation  had to a great extent,exhausted the flow of my pen.            
                     Our own society had been besieged by some obscure and indescribable situation,which often appears to promisingly curve upward,but,nonetheless is doomed to fall,though it is besotted with hopeful figurants. The situation is made more worrisome and unfortunate by the actions-rather, inactions of those whom we’ve put in place to guarantee the non-occurence of such turgid disturbances. It is saddening and heart-aching to know that even as such upheavals are boldly staring at us in the face,those whom public trust have been entrusted upon to steer us out of the wavering murky waters cannot even steer themselves out of their own personal murky waters. They have repeatedly proven their mastery at failure!                        
                    Is it not painful enough that some erratic fellows will only gain happiness when they’ve harvested human life in the same way chickens meet their fate every 25th December, and the government to a large extent grant them a thriving platform to carry out their carnage by always giving a laconic We-are-on-top-of-the-situation response?. So,the federal government only felt obligated to the Nyanya bomb blast victims by just dishing out some photo-shopped pretentious presence whereas their minds were impatiently waiting for the jollification at Kano? Honestly, one surely cannot help but wonder if we still have a thinking man as President or a dummy as the Commander-in-Chief. What on earth could move our President to declare a national day of mourning,thereby postponing a weekly Federal Executive Council meeting, on account of the death of the Vice-president’s brother? So,the traumatised survivors of the Nyanya bomb blast merely deserved some studio-composed faces at their bedsides -only for the ‘concerned’ faces to vigorously try to outdo each other with some Micheal Jackson stunts in a rally which couldn’t wait,because 2015 is just around the corner,or that the opposition party members were seen on their way to take over the government.                
                             For over two weeks and, over 234 school children have gone missing and the government still hasn’t heard about it because the children were unfortunate enough not to be born by Dame Patience Jonathan-who has untenably wasted enough public funds,claiming to be a Mother-General figure for the whole country-that those innocent children should not be rescued? The Nigerian populace are certainly wandering in a world of calculated eccentricities,indirections, and seeming hopelessness where their calls for responsible leadership is overwhelmed by extravagant ineptness.                                          
              Since the Nigerian government had sworn to continuously uphold their principles of failures,true Mothers and Mothers-to-be have decidted to take the bull by its horns to cleanse the house of its filth. To this end,a nationwide march has been organised to remind those elected officials that they still owe us some duty of care,even though we know they don’t give a hoot. They must bring back those abducted kids! Enough is enough this time around! Everybody should join in this clarion call to BRING BACK OUR GIRLS!!!                                       #BringBackOurGirls.

       NB While we are complaining, yet another bomb blast has just hit Nyanya in Abuja, May the good Lord lead us out of these trying times.

                                                                                      COLLINS ARIKOR


2 thoughts on “THE LORD HELP NIGERIA

  1. Disheartnening occurences happening in quick succession we are finding it difficult to keep a tab on it and the politricians are busy playing politics and blame game. Lord deliver us from the blood loving egocentric maniacs.


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