Before I begin, If you know you have high blood pressure or fear of crooked lines, you might want to overlook the pictures in this post lol. Now that we have that out of the way, in my not so many years on this earth I can definitely say my eyes have seen so many things whose descriptions would put Patrick Obahiagbon’s vocabulary to shame. One of those things my people, is drawn eyebrows.
       From the ones that look like they were drawn with rulers and French curves to those that might have been traced with the bottom of Pringles containers! There is really no shortage of shapes and sizes of  eyebrows these days. We all see the beautiful pictures of brides and makeup artists on Instagram and our Barbie senses start to tingle and we all want to get the look. But the thing is that getting the look takes practice and knowledge of what an actual eyebrow actually looks like, this knowledge seems to be becoming very difficult to find because more and more women leave their houses with what looks like the less than symbol standing on its side (‹). We all make fun of face-to-face houses but in these kind of situations, one of the cures may be remanding such people to such apartments just so there are enough people to ask ‘ How do I look? ’ before they leave the house.

     At least every other day, I see a girl or woman either with horrible eyebrows or a very good demonstration of the colours of the rainbow on her face. Makeup, contrary to popular opinion isn’t meant to drive clowns out of business, I believe its meant to enhance beauty. Funny as this topic may sound, especially when you start to remember that woman you know who is guilty of drawing the  sickle eyebrows, we all have a big role to play in ridding our eyes of this menace. Firstly, if you know someone who leaves the house everyday looking like something out of Scooby Doo, be your sister’s keeper and call her aside and tell her nicely that her makeup doesn’t look nice. Yes, you will encounter some stubborn ones who will stand on the fact that they look prettier than they ever have, if you try and they don’t listen, she’ll probably listen when she starts to trend on twitter #sicklebrows.

     Also, those of us who admire the perfection of eyebrows we see on other people and don’t know how to achieve them have the choice of meeting professionals and paying them to get it done for us or leaving your eyebrows as they are. Natural is beautiful. The last piece of advice goes to NTA, AIT, Channels or whatever national TV station would like to improve their ratings. I think it would be a good idea to have a get ready with me segment as early as 6 or 7 so women who are getting ready for work or school could tune in and have a step by step guide on how to apply their makeup. Whichever station picks this  up should pay me for my idea oh.
      Have a great week and remember to buy a mirror and ask your neighbour how you look. Don’t push clowns out of business.


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