Trending Accountabilty;Are we finally losing it?

   It has been over a week now but I am still hunted by those gruesome pictures of those innocent job seekers murdered (yes murdered;and by you know who) by virtue of their unemployment status…its really sad that
some people take glee in taking advantage of others and that was exactly what happened.
About 19 or so citizens of this great nation lost their precious lives due to the incompetence and negligence of certain persons whom we have entrusted with our freedom and more importantly our future…when one
considers the fact that over 70 000 applicants paid 1000 Naira as application fees for only 3000
vacant seats which when calculated runs close to 7 hundred million naira it becomes rather clear that the pecuniary gains was the master target; all part of a sinister plan to fill their pockets at the expense of others. And all that amounts to scam.
    Nevertheless, I need not press on that matter anymore. Enough articles have been written on how insensitive, greedy and negligent the NIS have been.what bothers me right now is that we as Nigerians
probably because we are now accustomed to bad news (unfortunately) now tend to see evertything as normal. The general aura now is that we have given in to the conditions we find ourselves in and we take whatever is thrown at us. At the risk of sounding downright pessimistic and unpatriotic I dare to say that we have not seen the last of these avoidable mishaps. My question now is this? How do we react. Do we do what we ve seen too often: Condemning the government for a few days and then downing our tools?. Do
we use these ‘trending’ topics as conversation starters just to prove to our friends and colleagues that we don’t live under rocks? Or yet do we react with the occasional ‘eyah’, RIP to the dead’, ‘too bad’, ‘the government is wicked’ clichés only to go about our business again like nothing happened? That will not only be hypocritical but cowardly and will amount to a betrayal of the dead!
I have always maintained that the citizens are no better than the leaders-in-title because when all is said and done we still act like them-we only care about ourselves and our relatives or close friends. Everybody is too cautious to be their neighbour’s keeper and it is disheartening to say the least. Now I know the question running through most of your minds…WHAT SHOULD WE DO WHEN THESE SITUATIONS ARISE?
I am not saying we should burn Aso rock,lol no..there are better and legitimate ways to go about it but I am just going to sum it all in one word..ACCOUNTABILTY…if our so leaders are held accountable for
everything that happens in this country, things would be a lot better. A question if I may ask, what is the net worth of your local government chairman, what are your governors’ assets(oops I asked two)..well your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know..i honestly do not blame those government officials who loot anything loot-able because they are only yielding to the temptation handling things unsupervised…don’t get me wrong.I am not justifying their actions, I am just trying to drive home the fact that progress is a collective
effort. let us make our leaders accountable for everything that relates with their duties to us. It is no more than we deserve. Ultimately it all falls on us,our realization that we owe our fellow citizens a moral duty of
care and our willingness to move forward….remember; history judges us not only by our actions but also by our inactions..

Odigili Uche

Please feel free to disagree as differing opinions will be widely entertained and appreciated


7 thoughts on “Trending Accountabilty;Are we finally losing it?

  1. thanks for this piece mr author.i have always wondered y the NIS acted so stupidly by not setting a limit on the amount of application forms they sell rather than leadin thousands of hapless youths on bt apparently it was just a plan to defraud them.the sooner we do something about about our leaders' negligence the better for all of us


  2. Femile fragile thanks for your comment..anon 16.11 thanks for your contributions…very spot on….as for your question chimart27; elections hold the key to accountabilty..thru elections citizens are presented with the opportunity to either reward performing officials or punished those performing below par..however it requires the majority to achieve that..secondly the principle of seperation of power must be strictly adhered to..unfortunately its merely theoretical in Nigeria and until this changes we have quite a fight in our hands


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