How a big airplane can go missing in this world full of satellite and radar technology baffles me beyond comprehension. American Special Forces can shoot a bullet from an underground bunker in the Appalachian Mountains to hit a mosquito half way around the world in Taiwan. But an aircraft this big is giving the security agencies and Armed Forces of ten countries, United States of America inclusive, serious headaches.

The lost aircraft, Malaysian Airlines MH 370 which had 239 souls on board took off from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 A.M (Malaysian time) on Saturday 8th of March. It was scheduled to arrive in Beijing, China at 6:30 A.M on the same day after a roughly estimated distance of 2,700 miles. But around 1:30 A.M, air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lumpur reportedly lost contact with the plane over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Recovery team experts agree that the pilot did not complain of any distressing event before this rare occurrence. Everything was just going smoothly, and the plane just vamoosed out of contact. All radars and satellite devices orbiting the earth have not been able to help so far in determining the whereabouts of the plane.

Although I admit that I read too much spy novels and have an irresistible sympathy for Hollywood films, but I am pretty sure that one of those many satellites that Western powers having been racing to put in the sky is capable of zooming through the clouds to read the headlines of a Newspaper on a stand in a subway station (ask John Grisham about this). So why is this big aeroplane that is carrying 239 people not showing up on any technological device?

Rescue operatives are theorizing the causative factor of this mishap. They have drawn up three different theories as to the fate of the plane. Nothing concrete, but mere speculations. The first is that the plane ran into mechanical problems. I would not even attempt to adumbrate the variegated possibilities which could have led to this catastrophic disappearance. Military and technical experts have agreed that there is no concrete evidence, not even the slightest shard of speculative evidence which could point to a mechanical fault in the plane which could have resulted in this. The second speculative theory which is under serious doubt is that the pilots encountered human error. The possibility of this happening is very slim, as experts believe any such remote occurrence would have left traces to be picked up by the Control Tower.

The third theory which is the one that everyone is afraid of, yet the cleanliness of the disappearance, the way no trace was left behind leads to it: terrorism. Of course, memories of September 11 abounds in our minds, and authorities are careful to consider all available evidence, and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing concrete which points to terrorism. However, rescue teams and technical analysts have still not cast aside this theory, for nobody is certain of anything as at now.Examination of relevant documents and tapes have revealed that nothing was remotely wrong with the aircraft just before take-off. All pre-flight and flight protocols are alleged to have been followed. The only suspicious incident is that two of the passengers are alleged to have used false passports in boarding the planes, and have been confirmed to be Iranian Nationals. I need not remind you that Iran is a country known for destructive violence and acts of terrorism against Western Nations.

Families of the passengers of the allegedly ill-fated flight have reported that the telephones of their relatives in the plane were still ringing, as at Monday, 10th of March. Of course, the phones kept ringing out with no one to answer.
  Experts are using this report to aid their theory that the plane cannot be under water. Thus, helping to narrow the search area by ruling out the possibility that the plane crashed at sea. However, as earlier stated, everything is mere speculations and the authorities are not prepared to quit searching the seas until they have something more definitive.

There is a rumoured speculation that the plane was hijacked, and the passengers and crew are being held against their will. But procedure requires that the pilot send a May-day warning to the control Tower in event of such occurrence. The abruptness of the disappearance and lack of warning puts this speculation in serious doubt. And in the absence of any person or group claiming responsibility, terrorism seems to be far from the answer.
Rescue operatives are in the process of triangulating the position of the cell phones of the passengers, using GPS data. However, this attempt seems to be hitting the rocks as the phone batteries are running out.

Does this then mean that we have another Bermuda Triangle in the offing? Or is this simply an act of God beyond human comprehension?

I pray God gives strength to the families and friends of the victims to bear through these hard times.



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