O thou mighty NNPC!
The Alpha and the Omega of power in Nigeria
The sole source fundamental of fuel in Nigeria
The Almighty dictator of whether Nigerians should have fuel or not.

We have sinned against thee
We have committed a transgression so great to provoke thy mighty wrath
Our ignorance in following the ignorant was our ruinous undoing
For this, we say we are sorry.

We accept that we were trying your patience when we listened to that whistle blower
We accept that we insulted your sense of honour when we whispered on blog pages and newspaper
We accept that the House of Reps were drunk when they asked you to account for your past income
For tis only the drunken that can speak with such thriving ignorance.

We have seen the might of your power and the extent of your influence
We have learnt that we do not argue with he who supplies food on our tables
We are learning to turn a blind eye to your nefarious activities
For thou art mighty, and thy actions unquestionable.

We have learnt that blood is thicker than water; given PHCN’s recent attitude towards electricity
Sold like a slave to the highest bidder; after two decades of being abused and insulted
They are sympathising with you no doubt.
And we are left to bear the brunt of your collective anger.

Forgive us our transgressions, and accept our olive branch
We offer you our silence, we offer our reticence
We shall go blind because of thee, and ears deaf to thy activities
As long as our daily quart of oil is to us supplied.

Give us fuel, o Mighty NNPC
And beseech thy brother PHCN to bestow us with the grace of electricity
We pay our homage to you both, and promise to never question your activities
Your point has been made, and we are truly sorry.


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