Issues and controversies have continued to trail the recently-passed Anti-gay Law. Words have ceaselessly flowed and will, nonetheless, linger on until, as usual a new controversy takes the spotlight.

                   The very novelty of the gay issue in our jurisprudence seems an indictment of every point of view taken for or against the Anti-gay Law. A new(or rather, supporting angle) was recently added to the tragicomic controversy. And this angle, we shall, permittedly label, ‘The Adichie Angle’. Also, it is this angle which we find fault with.

            Adichie had sensibly concluded in her recent write- up on the Anti-gay Law, that the anti-gay law was unconstitutional and Unafrican. Her well-bred courtesy for the gays had come especially at a time when her pen flew with inspiration. Her well-researched and obviously, well-written criticism of the bill was mystifying and it seeks to solve the intriguing puzzle going on. But, not improbably, with all due respect gay lifestyle had been declared contrary to the natural order of things by The Almighty. Divine law had made it a sin and it rightfully remains as such.

                No amount of veneration can change the fact that homosexuality is a sin; neither can any quantity or quality of logic nor reasoning lower it from the pedestal of sin it hangs.

                     The theme of perversity had been ascribed homosexual acts and it had certainly fallen upon appreciative ears in our society. Hence, one cannot help but question the wisdom of further involvement in controversy regarding the issue.   If anything, the hasty nature with which the bill was passed should have laid all controversies to rest. Had this not been the case, tomorrow, Rapists and Murderers will wake-up and start seeking legitimacy, too, for they also belong to the minority and they perceive their lifestyle not to constitute a crime!

      Indeed, The mark of a true democracy is not in the rule of its majority but in the protection of its minority, but that also is on the irreconcilable fact that the minority act reasonably. Dark wishes can never find any support because they are unable to bring about a connection.

   To all the Sochimas’ of Nigeria, it is extremely possible for You to be like others. It takes will power. If your originator,could by her sheer determination become a well-received and acclaimed writer, then, there is no reason why You shouldn’t be able to become just like others. It only requires will power. Self-control is beneficial-patiently replacing wrong thoughts with right ones; changing reprehensible actions to helpful ones.

       We just hope that our National Assembly, and leaders in general take-up the aggresiveness with which they passed the Anti-gay Law to fight other ills in the society, even the very one that touches them: Corruption!
   For a dissenting argument on this issue, go here

                                                                            Written by Igbinedion Oghosa and Arikor Collins.


6 thoughts on “THE ADICHIE ANGLE

  1. You know, I read up to 'Had this not been the case,tommorrow,Rapists and Murderers will wake-up and start seeking legitimacy' and I stopped reading. It continually baffles me, this blatant obnoxiousness of some people. To lump homosexuality (a lifestyle of a group of people) to such heinousness like murder and the like. Y'all are free to have your opinions, but while feeling comfy in that perch of condescending smugness, remember that the Divinity that branded homosexuality the sin that everyone likes to scream about also condemned other ills that society feels okay to accept. #DoubleStandards


  2. LOL. I didn't even get there before I just scrolled to the end. Wish I could like your comment. You really cannot lump homosexuality with other 'crimes' that are clearly harmful to people. Homosexuality only harms the sensibilities of the intolerant and nothing else.
    Let me now go and read the full article and leave my thoughts


  3. Sigh. I finally finished the article.
    I refrained from commenting much on the anti-gay bill because sadly a lot of individuals are close minded and biased and nothing you say or do will ever change that.
    At age 8, what does a child know? You think gay people deliberately make the choice to be so? Well, for your information, most of them do not. You keep forgetting that these are human beings like you and they would do anything within their power to be 'normal.'
    Nigeria is a hostile enough country for anyone to 'deliberately choose' to place themselves on the wrong side of the law.
    If you have any idea what it means to be victimized for something you have no control over, then you would not be sounding like this.
    The same 'Divine Law' which you so wisely quote also has love as its ultimate commandment, not condescension, hate or judgment.
    These are human beings. They could be a brother, uncle, cousin, friend or loved one. You do not wear the shoes, you do not know where it pinches.
    Like Adichie rightly stated, the Law is meant to protect the minority, not victimize them, For someone to be tagged a criminal, they must have done some form of harm to the society. The only 'harm' gay people have done to society is harm to people's sensibilities. Tolerance is extremely important, you'd never survive long enough without it.
    Adichie's write up impressed me greatly and I found nothing wrong with it.
    But finally, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I rest my case


  4. Thank u for this beautiful piece. The sympathizers of the gays say they are sick(the gays),how then can a sick person know whether his lifestyle constitite a crime or not. It is left for we healthy ones to bring them in line! Thank u,once again.


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