Nigerian Ace comedian Basketmouth recently posted a joke on his Facebook pagein which he compared the behaviour of White girls to African girls when asking them out. According to most critics, the overbearing subject matter of the joke is rape. many commentators have taken to the pages of newspapers and blogs tro express their displeasure at the ‘uncultured’ joke which a ‘role model whom the society looks up’ cracked.
The uncanny thing about human beings is that no matter the decision you take, there would always be a cross section of people with a dissenting view. It would amount to an impossibility to try to please everybody on this planet, and Nigeria is a country that is blessed with more than a fair share of critics and ‘bad-belles’. The joke which Basketmouth posted on his Facebook page has long been deleted, but the pungent effect of his wording lingers on. A snapshot of the offending joke is attached to this post.
Upon a critical and unbiased examination of the joke, one cannot but agree with me that there is indeed more than an element of truth in his words. His comparison of African girls to White girls, although exaggerated, is not far-fetched. Many an African guy know that it takes a lot of investment to ask an African girl out and get that thing they want. The bulk of the criticism against Basketmouth’s joke is not even in the truth or falsity of his observations, but rather the last word that he wrote: RAPE!!! How does writing a one letter word like Rape make someone a rapist or a supporter of rape? When one removes the specks of bias in his eyes and examines the joke less closely, one would find that the joke does not in any way support rape. Just because a majority of critics chose to pick on a particular word he used to the exclusion of every other word contained in the joke does not make the majority right.
Basketmouth was quick to come up with a rejoinder where he apologised for any and all misinterpretations and misconceptions associated with his joke. He even went personal, reminding his fans that he has a wife and daughter whom he is very much prepared to die protecting against rape. You can read his rejoinder here.
The level of maturity which characterises Basketmouths’ reply is one uncommon to this generation.
Rape is indeed an unpleasant sensation, and unarguably a lady’s worst nightmares. J.K Rowling in her Harry Potter series through the learned Professor Albus Dumbledore remarked that “The fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself”. Does this then mean that the fear of the word ‘RAPE’ will increase the fear of the act itself?

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2 thoughts on “BASKETMOUTH: HIT OR MISS?

  1. I heard about this recently. I think the reaction is unnecessary. I'm very much a feminist n as against rape as can be but common! It was a joke. No one screams treason when they call Obasanjo ugly! If comedians apologized 4 every joke they made they wudnt be in business anymore. We should concentrate on the actual rape cases n leave Basketmouth alone jor


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