When evil becomes so predominant in a land, weep not that the people suffer but weep more that the good people are silent over it. I believe a lot of Nigerians are up to speed with the recent modalities of our present day Government under the auspices of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Taking the rough with the smooth, it has always been a rough ride for this country. Although no country can be an ivory tower of perfection, the situation in Nigeria were the citizens feel unnecessary pains that can be averted is one that cannot be taken with a pinch of salt. In as much as most of our leaders have decided to soil the beautiful realities of this country with evil intents and rocky disbelieve, I am out of humour to say that Nigeria’s jeremiad can only be averted through a purposeful revolution.
The internal crises of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that saw some G7 Governors cross-carpet to the All Progressive Congress (APC) does not in any way give a tincture of my expression of a revolution. The APC have ironically shown to Nigerians that they are strong advocates of change that’s why they could admit some PDP deviants whose bites are worst than their barks into their fold, and also declare the Freudian slip as done by Alhaji Kawu Baraje that “it is a merger” instead of a cross-carpeting. Some of the leaders and card-carrying members of the APC have at one point in time held political positions in this country and much significance were not attained. So like the Republicans and the Democrats in the U.S, it seems clear that only two dominant party will have landslides come 2015. But the issue of party is never the problem in Nigeria; the problem has always been the candidates who field the parties. Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State is performing swimmingly in the state even though he is a PDP member. The Governor of Lagos State, Fashiola is as well doing excellently in the state even though he is an APC candidate. Whether you belong to any political fold, personality differences remains the core of any practical democracy.
I envision a change where most of our recent crop of leaders will begin ossifying from the minds of Nigerians and a new spring of leaders who were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and even though born with it have the people at heart. Leaders who have gone through the drills of the society; who know what it means not to have a job, nor have light for five days. Leaders who know what it means not to pay pensioners their arrears. I pray God lead us to discover this crop of leaders.
It is no longer news that a bill allowing politicians to own foreign accounts in foreign banks have passed second reading, while about forty million Nigerians still lie doggo at the mercy of unemployment. The twirls that have shrouded the missing N500billion Subsidy Reinvestment Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) funds are no gainsaying to the fact that they have suddenly developed hands and legs into private accounts. The low level of education in our government and the continual increase in alcoholism amongst our politicians has led largely to her poor performance. I listened with keen interest to the Anambra Decides on AIT when some politicians could not fully express themselves in the English language, yet they are still in government while some intelligent graduates keep storming companies with their curriculum vitae (CV) scouting for a job. I have always said it that Nigeria’s politics is ‘caviar to the general’. It is the most lucrative business with the highest net profits that involves virtually little or no capital venture but with inflated levels of connections. Little wonder did the Prime Minister of Britain say that “if the amount of money stolen in Nigeria happened in the U.K, U.K would no longer exist”. It is with gracious feelings that I thank the Swiss Government for refunding the $700m laundered by the Abacha’s regime. It is a pointer that foreign leaders with sincerity of purpose have no dealings with skullduggeries. I pray these monies do not go into private pockets again. The fortunate confession made by Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State upon the long detention of his two sons by the EFCC indicted for public money laundering that; ‘for every small thief there is a bigger one’ mirrors a dark beam of light for this country.
If these iron gloves of oppression in the guise of leadership continues, then we will keep living in the jackboots of deceit where our spirits like the sting of an adder are crushed every moments of disappointment. The political turmoil that rocked Libya was eventually brought to an end when the people revolted. The tumultuous situation that has now restored temporary peace in Egypt upon the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi was the handiwork of the citizens. The revolution that brought in Jerry John Rawlings in the 1980s in Ghana was the crafted work of the people’s courage and support. It is not that I am trying to insinuate a violent revolution neither am I trying to stoke up sedition against the government. All I am saying is that when a thing becomes too frequent in a particular land, it prevails until the good people rises to the occasion to beard the lion through the ballot.
I am not fain to start talking about the deficiencies of the Nigerian ballot system. Nigerians in the night of the storm ought to pray not for the safety from danger but from deliverance of fear to take actions. Nigerians solution lies not in the government but in her citizens, and with the instrumentality of the ballot being the voice and power of the people, I see a looming revolution.

God bless Nigeria.

Davidson Obabueki


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