The Davido Mentality


I stumbled upon this information yesterday and I couldn’t resist posting it. Nigerian pop star David Adeleke a.k.a Davido added one more year to his very young age as he clocked 21. What better way for him to start his day than to exhibit a very generous spirit by giving back to the society that made him who he is today. Davido started his day at the Ikeja Government Primary School where he blessed the pupils with stationery and electronic learning aids. He then visited the Heart of Gold Children’s Hospice and also the Heritage Homes Orphanage where he blessed the residents with gifts of love. Of course, donations to orphanages is not a new thing in this country where wealth abounds in magnitude. But as equity always look to the intention, one must agree that his intentions where purely noble and gallant. Davido is one who technically did not achieve the great heights where he is today through the society. Popularly referred to Omo Baba Olowo, he is the son of a Baba Olowo (Google the meaning).
What I love about his actions is that he did it quietly without ‘louding’ it as is characteristic of most Nigerian politicians today. Had it been that popular ‘maga’ in PDP who decided to do same the same, he would have made sure that all the television cameras in the country where at the scene of wherever he wanted to donate a few ‘chicken change’ to the children from whose parents he had stolen money. And then our ‘Bros’ in APC, in a bid not to be outdone will make sure that his own donation receives CNN coverage.

How many politicans today even remember to give to the less privileged on their birthdays? Except perhaps when elections are around the corner. And if ever they bother to donate anything, their donations will always be accompanied by fliers and grandiloquent propaganda filled speeches, asking the people to vote for them. I wish that these old politicians should take a cue from Davido who did not even sell a single track or brainwash his benefa ctors to listen to his track.
Davido, as we say, ‘Your mama born you well”. I hope you will continue the philanthropic works, and also sing good songs that will add value to the lives of Nigerians. You have already displayed your generous attitude with the Skelewu Dance Competition in September.

See the pictures. O boy, these gallons and trucks no be here oooo.


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