With every passing and fleeing second, Anambra State is coming closer to electing another first citizen for a four-year period. As usual, the terrain is fraught with different crevasses. Few words in a dictionary could sufficiently describe the rising tension in the state. The plots is surely thick to provide us with enough twists in the tale. Besides being recently inducted into the much coveted oil-producing states of Nigeria. Anambra State has a lot to offer us historically. It gave us a Chinua Achebe-unarguably the greatest African writer of all times, and a Chimamanda Adichie,another rising literary giant. In the field of mathematics ,the greatest Nigerian mathematician happened to hail from the state and I assure you it was by no means a coincidence that Philip Emeagwali, the computer prodigy happened to be from Anambra state. Entertainment wise, the legendary king of Igbo highlife music, the late Osita Osadebe came from Anambra state, and not to forget current hip-hop sensation ,P-square,(personally, I like those guys).
              Despite having such array of grandeur, politics in the state is not without its share of intrigues and so when the Supreme court deemed it fit that Anambra state gubernatorial polls should run differently from other Nigerian States, few people gave that a second thought for Anambra state has been known to offer diverse forms of history. The current governorship race seems to be thinning down to a three way affair between former governor Chris Ngige of APC, incumbent-blessed Willie Obiano of APGA and money bag Ifeanyi Ubah of the Labour party. In all fairness to other aspirants, it is certain they stand a chance to be in Goverment house, Awka come November 16,2013,but for goodness sake! the promise by Ifeatu Ekelem of African Democratic Congress(ADC) to build five universities-a fact which Nollywood is yet to come to terms with seems a preposterous illusion of hope and so does the political aspirations of Okeke Chika Jerry of the Action
 Alliance(AA) except of course as Chinua Achebe captures it in his short story, the voter, they want it to be known that there was a time they contested Anambra gubernatorial polls.
               And of course(trust Naija politics),the politics of calumny is doubtlessly thick in the buildup to the polls.Blatant accusations are being leveled at one another by the candidates. one omnious spectacle is the actions of the ruling party who seem to have finally decided on Tony Nwoye to bear their flag in the elections after their horrendous show of debacle.
         Well, whichever way the pendulum decides to swing come November 16 ,one fact stands sure:16 November,2013 is going to be another epoch-making day that would be etched in the annals of Anambra state history and by extension, Nigerian history.

                                                                                                                   COLLINS ARIKOR



  1. all i see is some criminals in disguise with the agenda to loot the people's wealth and steal their right for their selfish interest for power and favor. #joshuaohanuzue@gmail.com


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