It had to take this lingering ASUU strike for many Nigerian youths to discover and develop their inner talents. Talents which entirely have nothing to do with a university degree.
In fact, the likes of Olawale of Project Fame and Moshood Abiola “Kiddy Mizzy” (@Iam_Mokiddy), the winner of The Skelewu Dance Competition owe their new found wealth to the persistence of the ASUU strike.
The Ministry of Information revealed in August that since the inception of the ASUU strike on July 1st, over 20,000 blogs had been created in Nigeria, and most of which were owned and operated by university students.

Many a citizen of Twitter can hardly tiptoe into his Timeline without being assaulted screaming headlines and latest gossips from bloggers. Infact, there is a popular expression that all was calm on the Twitterian front before the coming of bloggers.
Of these bloggers, we have some that term themselves Personality Bloggers. They give us the latest gossips, right from what Wizkid had for dinner last night to the exact colour of bra and panties that Tiwa Savage wore to the studio this morning. How this concerns me as an average Nigerian, I do not know.
Then we have the other group of bloggers. The Chinua Achebes and Shakespeares.  The servants of the pen who steer the wheels of literature.  Here we have people whose literary talents equal that of the Great Shakespeare. Reading their articles transport one into an imaginary land of reality. Their adept use of imagery to visualise social issues which affect Nigeria as a whole. I was reading an article THE PULSE by a friend one day and came close to having a ‘Literary orgasm’.  You can read THE PULSE here.
But the problem is that of these later group of talented writers, a lot of them choose to waste their talents by recreating sexual scenes and promoting incest. Youths who have the innate capacity of writing even better than Achebe stoop so low to become emergency pornography authors. It pains me to see such prodigious talent put to a detrimental waste.
I long to read articles by my fellow youths which will give me cause to believe in the future of this generation. Stories which are capable of showing that this generation has all it takes to salvage the country from the present state of irresolution. Stories which will bring the Nobel prize for Literature back to Nigeria; and above all, stories to prove that we are the intellectual giants of Africa.