I believe that we have reached a level of maturity in this country when we should not be told of our responsibilities any more. So I cannot fathom why the Telecommunications Industry, and more specifically, the Telecommunications companies have not started commercialising this ASUU strike. I receive albeit useless messages from MTN and AIRTEL daily asking me to subscribe to one information plan or the other- things that do not concern me. They sometimes offer information such as health tips or sports updates.
But since the inception of this ASUU strike, or more specifically, when ASUU and Federal Government broke down their negotiations, I foresaw a very cool way for these Telecommunications to make money from students. They ought to offer information services such weekly updates on the ASUU strike for just 50 Naira/month. This is something that most students sitting at home would have gladly subscribed to. And it goes without saying that the intuitive company would have made their profits in serious figures.
Besides, I want to bring myself to believe that multinational companies that make large turnout in profits have a corporate responsibility to Nigerian citizens to raise their standard of living (I stand to be corrected). That is why we have various scholarship programmes and promotional offers by these companies. We receive messages from GLO everyday telling us to partake in one promo or the other. So I cannot bring myself to understand why till date, no one has thought of the idea of a predict and win game. I long to receive that message from MTN to predict correctly the date that ASUU will call off the strike and win a Blackberry Bold 5. Of course, that is for starters. Others can come up with better ideas and better prizes.
And banks should not leave out in the fun. Since our bank accounts have been dormant for these three weeks, they can also come up with interesting offers or promos for us. Think of an advertorial from GTBank that the person who checks his (empty) account balance the highest number of times in a day could win a TECHNO phone.
We students cannot be the overall losers after the strike. We must have something to show for the (nearly) four months that we spent at home. Money cannot bring   happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry in a Toyota SUV than in a Keke Napep.

I am oluwanonso_Esq on Twitter


3 thoughts on “PREDICT AND WIN

  1. LOL……no words for you Nonso. i think MTN is making enough money off this unfortunate situation already. its MB people use to google 'asuu strike' and its credit they use to get MB and the amount of series that have been downloaded these 4 months alone……don't get me started


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