Weeks ago, President Jonathan Goodluck Jonathan gave the chops to nine (9) Ministers under the guise of cabinet reshufflement. A lot of Nigerians were expecting the Minister of Petroleum, Alison Diezani Madueke to be heaved-ho of her public duty considering her corrupt stunts of public money. Although much is yet to be revealed about this acclaimed Petroleum Minister, the Minister of Aviation, Stella Odua has overnight become the flavour of the mouth of Nigerians.

On the 3rd of October, 2013, two days after the Independence Jamboree, an Associate Airline bound Ondo state, crashed in Lagos state minutes after take-off. According to reports, the airline had an engine glitch and was on a test-flight. It was even alerted by the automated machine within the plane before take-off that she was not air-worthy. Within the space of two weeks after the unfortunate incident, two plane crashes were adverted. We should not be quick to forget the Dina air disaster that occurred in Lagos on June 3rd, 2012. After the 3rd of October incident, a lot of reactions elicited from Nigerians. Via the social network, the radio, the electronic media, et cetera, well-meaning Nigerians ventilated their spleen on the Aviation Minister who as a result of external and internal pressure couldn’t but arrogate the disaster as an act of God. Considering her confused state of mind and her life being on the line, the Ministry of late acquired for her two brown new BMW bullet proof cars to the tune of two hundred and fifty-five million naira (N255, 000,000). Let us not be deceived that the money was from her personal income. Miss Wise thinks buying two bullet proof cars will be sufficient enough in saving her life from any supposed and perceived minatory. Let her not forget like Goodluck Jonathan who raised an alarm that there may be some Judas Iscariots in her Ministry. I expected her to have complemented it with a bullet proof house so she can live a bullet proof life.

Some police officers in Imo State have threatened to strike after they were posted to violence-prone States in the North. One would have expected the Federal Government to channel these monies rather in purchasing bullet proof armour vehicles, cuirasses, breastplates and even helmets for our security forces considering the incessant security threats by some sinisterous guerilla forces in the North-Eastern parts of the country.

What and who on earth must have induced a Minister to expend such exorbitant amount in purchasing two transient bullet proof automobiles? It seems as if these bullet proofs will act as her talisman from death. From the annals of history, the most protected are not always the ones that live longest. I would suggest that Stella Odua gives her life to Christ as her amulet, so as to remedy her from her indecisive, hysteric and confused presence of mind.



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