First of all, I’d like to apologise for our little hiatus (google is your friend). Blame it on ASUU hehe. Now, you know how you see a writeup about something that seems interesting, so you start to read. You make it past the first and second paragraph, by the third paragraph you get curious ‘how long is this thing sef’ and so your eyes dart down to the end of the page and see that you aren’t even halfway through and you’re like ‘ HELL NO!’ Nobody has time to read some long, boring article about something that doesn’t affect the price of garri in the market.

       It’s definitely not wrong to say that our reading culture is dying faster than the mosquitoes that have the guts to approach me at night and we can’t only blame the age we are in. Of course, with all the social networking not many kids are interested in picking up books to read or have the patience to read an article with a thousand words. This is not about the repercussions of our children not reading; of which we know there are many. It’s more concerned with those of us blessed with the gift of writing. We have the responsibility to write things in ways that grab and hold the attention of our audience – both young and old. Sometimes its hard to pack all that passion and want for expression in a few words and make it interesting at the same time but in the end the reason we write is so that others can read and nobody would do that if the words look like they aren’t even English! 
       In the light of keeping the words to the barest minimum; let me just say to the writers; let’s make the effort to keep it as short and as entertaining as possible and to the readers, well we can’t always expect pictures so look at it that the lack of pictures gives you the freedom to paint your own pictures from the words you read. So have a little patience and endure to the last paragraph…..most times
you’d be glad you did.


3 thoughts on “SIMPLE AND SHORT!

  1. ha, dem talk say readers are leaders and dhat one na fact. No be only ur lecture notes u go need to concentrate on to top or upgrade urself o. Develop a reading culture. Readersno dey miss road.


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