Some physicists have over the years succeeded in discovering divergent laws of Physics, and have carried out series of test in the laboratories. I will not in any way rate them a hundred percent, for notwithstanding their scientific niche, the failure on their part to relate their blest discoveries to the direct elements of the society have left the great unwashed at the mercy of quandary. The rising tide of evil spirit living amongst men has no doubt crept into the political structure of Nigeria. It may be difficult to decipher this, but these “evil spirits” are seen and its operations understood by some people. Like its “invisible nature” but tangible defects, the Simple Harmonic Motion in the laws of Physics, lends color to the political question.
The Simple Harmonic Motion is the periodic motion of a body along a straight line such that the speed of the body is directed towards  a fixed point and is equal to its displacement from it original position. For clarity’s sake, the pendulum is assumed to be a body or mass in a motionless state along a straight line. The pendulum only moves left and right towards a fixed point if displaced from its original position. This movement is known as the vibratory or oscillatory movement (toing and froing movement). The political landscape in Nigeria is likened to the operation of a pendulum. By the social contract theory propounded by the triads of John Locke, Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rosseau, the citizens of Nigeria have conferred their sovereignty on the government in return for security amenities, shelter et cetera. This graphical representation reflects a direct relationship between Nigerians and her government. The small body mass that sprouts out of the pendulum is the government and the string or straight line that connects or binds the people to her government makes up the pendulum, hence we have a government in motion which is the basis of administrative law.
However, by the Simple Harmonic Motion, when the pendulum assumes a state of equilibrium, much progress in the country is achieved. When displaced to and fro its original position, we loose our grip. Why?
The Fundamental Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy set out in Chapter II of Section 13 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, makes it the duty and responsibility of all organs of government, and all authorities and persons, exercising legislative, executive or judicial powers to conform to, observe and apply the provisions of this chapter of the constitution. The Athens Act of 1953 emphasized that government as well as citizens should be subject to the law. But how possible and efficient can a government be subjected to the law and conform to, observe and apply the provisions of Chapter II of the Constitution when the Simple Harmonic Motion in our political pendulum is often displaced and swung at cross purposes with the citizens. Who are the “unseen” political displacers? Just as a pendulum is displaced by a living thing, in our political atmosphere, who are the displacers? Are they spirits?
When Nigeria gained her independence on October 1, 1960, a lot of Nigerians were grateful to our founding fathers. They were the fighters of our faith. They secured for us the original position that is now been displaced by some “masqueraded evil spirits” who parade themselves as godfathers. A lot of names have been mentioned as regards people using underground methods in masquerading the operation of government. From the Federal Government down to the States and Local Governments, these masqueraders reign supreme. I am still yet to demystify the rationale for displacing the equilibrium of government to and fro. Is it that the “evil spirits” that shifts the free flow of government’s machinery do that to sit on the coat tail of the government? Or do they do it to enrich themselves? If their actions are carried out to better the country which I doubt, it will be a plus to the social contract between the government and her citizens.
The fixed point of the toing and froing movement of the pendulum of government has already been set by these “masquerades”. They ensure that the pendulum does not exceed a particular limit according to their displacement thereby making the nation grapple and dawdle behind in development. The displacers, determines the direction and extent (fixed point) to which the body [leader(s) and the led (pendulum)] will reach. The displacers and the displacement theory is the political questions. Who are the displacers in our Polity?The citizens are always on the receiving end. When are we going to unmask these masquerade? So say Nigerians. To some Nigerians, the “masqueraders” remote-control the cabinet of the small mass of the pendulum. To others, the one been remote-controlled subject themselves to the “unseen” organ grinder, owing to the fact that when they bow out of national service, they receive their fringe benefits from them.
Which either way, the Simple Harmonic Motion can only have a seismic and direct effect on Nigerians if only the government will be sincere enough to pray their way through in unmasking these defective “evil spirits” who swing the machinery of government to and fro even after retirement.
I stand to be disputed. But all railleries and clamours against this write up are subject to the Davidson’s principle that “if there be any man made law subsisting, that law is relative and questionable”.




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