Permit me to begin this contribution by quoting a portion of an
essay that I wrote on 26 September 2011 which was titled ”On
Goodluck Jonathan, David and Goliath”. The portion reads as
”A few days ago from the sacred pulpit of the hallowed chambers
of the National Christian Centre in Abuja and in the prescence of
the entire leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan proclaimed as follows- ”I am
not David….I am not a general…..I am not a lion…..I will defeat the
Goliaths in our land”. These are deep and instructive words yet I
do wonder whether Mr. President understands the spiritual and
practical implications of what he is saying.
If he says that he ”is not a David” how can he then possibly slay
the ”Goliaths in the land?” If he says that he ”is not a general” how
can he be an effective Commander-in-Chief who commands the
respect and confidence of his army and his officers? If he says
that he ”is not a lion” how can he overwhelm the animals in our
jungle that seek to destroy and ravage our land? The lion is a
noble and courageous animal that defends it’s pride and family
and protects it’s own. That is why it is known as the ”king of the
jungle” and that is why our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself
is known as the ”Lion of the Tribe of Judah”.
Every king worth his salt must have the spirit of the lion and the
warrior in him to a certain extent. It is a fundamental pre-
qualification for good quality and inspirational leadership and
that is what distinguishes the pretender and the usurper from a
real king. May the spirit and weakness of Ahab not be our
President’s portion even though his words seem to have ensnared
him. History proves that weak kings and weak leaders always pull
down and destroy great empires and strong kingdoms.
If you have any doubt about that consider what happened to the
Roman Empire under Nero, Claudius or Caligula. If you still have
any doubts after that then read up on Russian history or watch an
excellent old film called ”Nicholas and Alexander” about Tsar
Nicholas the 1st, the last Tsar of Russia and how his strong-willed
wife and his consistent display of weakness shamed and brought
down imperial Russia, destroyed the 300 year old royal dynasty of
the Romanovs, led directly to the First World War (which in turn
led to the Second World War and then later the Cold War), caused
the communist revolution, led to the Russian civil war, resulted in
the murder of his whole family and ended in the establishment
and creation of the most evil and godless empire that has ever
ruled half of the world- the cold and all-powerful Soviet empire.
That is what weakness, prevarication, inconsistency, cowardice,
emotional slavery, inexplicable fear and the celebration of
indecision can do. Worst still you don’t boast about such
qualities because there is nothing to be proud of in them. Always
remember, whether you are a king or a subject, that courage is the
greatest of all the virtues. This is wisdom. Would someone please
tell our President”.
Once again please take note that the contribution that I quoted
above was part of an essay that I wrote on 26th September 2011,
almost two years ago to the day.
With the killing of 91 children by Boko Haram in Damatru a few
days ago, the slaughter of 140 Nigerian troops by Boko Haram in
Borno state last friday, the massacre of 41 school children in
Borno state by Boko Haram two months ago, the mass murder of
no less than 7000 thousand Nigerians by Boko Haram in the last
3 years and the raging war that is going on in the northern eastern
part of our country between Boko Haram and our military today
those words and that counsel that was offered two years ago seem
even more relevant today than it was even at that time.
The carnage that we are witnessing in our country today has come
as a direct result of the manifestation of weakness at the top.
When a President tells the world that Boko Haram are his
”siblings” whom he ”cannot move against”, as he did earlier this
year, he is asking for trouble. When a President keeps offering
Boko Haram amnesty even when they kept rejecting it and whilst
they were murdering his people, as he has been doing for the last
three years, he is asking for trouble. When a President installs and
supports a party National Chairman who describes Boko Haram as
”freedom fighters”, as he did earlier this year, he is asking for
When a President announces to the world that he is ”not a lion or
a David”, as he did exactly two years ago, no-one should be
surprised when his people are killed like flies before his very
eyes. May God bring us a real leader that can save our nation and
may He take away this one who feels no pain and has no empathy
when Nigerian blood, nay even the blood of innocent children, is
shed with impugnity. Under the tenure of our ”lamb” President
more innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered by terrorists than
at any other time in the history of our country except during the
civil war.
What a mess, what a record. I continue to ponder about one thing
though- would the President have been so unperturbed and
detached from the whole thing if the children that were killed in
their school yesterday morning had been from his Niger Delta
area or from the east. It appears to me that simply because those
kids were northern muslims this President just ”doesn’t give a
damn”. What a tragedy. Whether christian or muslim, northern or
southern these are only children and they are NIGERIAN children
each of whom is entitled to the full protection of the Nigerian
state. I have said it before and I shall say it again, Nigeria has
become an abbatoir of human flesh and blood under the tenure of
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and all those who support
him should bury their heads in shame. The blood of all those
innocent people is on his hands because he swore to an oath
before God and the Nigerian people to protect them from such
evil. Instead of getting on with his job and doing so he has spent
the last few days boasting to the world about ringing the bell in
the New York Stock Exchange and receiving irrelevant, illusionary,
self-serving and absurd commendations for absolutely nothing
from President Barack Obama. May God deliver us.
Permit me to make a painful observation here. I was thoroughly
appauled about the fact that when our lamb President was asked
about the latest round of killings during his live ”Presidential
Media Chat” programme on sunday evening he not only told a lie
to the world by claiming that only ”21 or 22 students were killed”
at a time when the BBC and CNN had confirmed that at least 45
bodies had been found (more were to be discovered later) but he
also failed to express his condolences to the families of those that
had lost their loved ones. He made the same omission when he
failed to commiserate with or express his condolences to the
families of the 140 soldiers that were killed in Borno state last
friday whilst fighting Boko Haram simply because they ran out of
bullets during the course of the battle.
By way of contrast not only was he quick to offer his condolences
to the government and people of Kenya for the terrible carnage
that was inflicted on them by Al Shabab last friday when 68 people
were killed (I guess that to him Nigerian blood is not as expensive
or as important as foreign blood) but he was also quick to offer
the Kenyan government military assistance. If President Uhuru
Kenyatta decides to accept his offer let us hope that our lamb
President will give enough bullets to the soldiers that he will send.
Our boys are deeply courageous fighters and they certainly
deserve that much. They also deserve to have a Commander in
Chief that inspires them, that watches their back and that gives
them the very best. May the souls of all those that have been
killed by Boko Haram in the last three years rest in peace and may
the Lord take the leadership of this nation from the lamb and give
it to a lion king.
Permit me to end this contribution with the following
observations. As crude and as unpleasant as it may sound the
question must be asked – does our President have any balls? Is he
really a man? Does he have what it takes to fight a war against
terror or is it that there is more to this than meets the eye? Is there
a sinister and diabolical conspiracy and plan to ensure that
elections do not hold in the north-east and the north-west in 2015
given the fact that those areas are very hostile to the suggestion
that Jonathan should return to power that year? Is this whole thing
planned and contrived or is it a case of chronic incompetence,
ineptitude and weakness? Does Jonathan believe that it is in his
interest for the north to burn and for northern blood to be spilt?
Is the mindset of those that are pulling the strings of the view that
since the problem has been (to use the President’s own words in
his last media chat) ”localised” and ”contained in a certain area”
the government can sit back and watch the locals slaughter
themselves whilst they continue to drink champagne in the Villa
and fantasise about 2015? If that is the case has it not occured to
them that their fellow Nigerians live in those areas where the
problem has supposedly been ”localised” and is the blood of
those fellow Nigerians not red as well? Are they less Nigerian
because of where theywere born and who they are? Are the people
that live in the villages and countryside not as important as those
who live in the towns and cities?
Whatever is really going on here God sees all and anything that is
not of Him will surely fail. If it is nothing but weakness and
incompetence that has resulted in this unperecedented carnage
the President will answer before God for violating his solemn oath
to protect the Nigerian people from enemies within and from
enemies without and if it is a conspiracy to encourage and create
turmoil and chaos in the north just to ensure that they are
excluded from the vote in 2015, both Jonathan himself and
Nigeria as a whole will reap the consequences. It is worth noting
that that is precisely what happened in Mali in the elections that
took place before the north was taken over by the islamists and it
led to a full scale civil war. Any attempt to exclude any part of this
country from participating in the elections in 2015 under the
guise of lack of security or Boko Haram will result in the same
thing with catastrophic consequences for Nigeria. Yet as Napolean
Bonaparte once said, ”we must never account to conspiracy what
can easily be explained away by incompetence”. It is more likely
than not that the situation that is folding in the north-east and the
feeble fight that our government is putting up against Boko Haram
over there is down to Jonathan’s weakness and nothing more. So
when asked the question is our President capable of fighting the
war against terror my answer would be that I am afraid that I
doubt it very much. He just doesn’t have it in him. As the former
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair once said about
John Major, his predecessor in office, he is just ”weak, weak,
I am a great believer in strong government and I am one of those
that has always believed that President Olusegun Obasanjo was
one of the best, if not the best, and most effective leaders that we
have ever had in this country. I say this not because I had the
honour and privilage of serving in his government but because,
when it comes to his record in public office, the facts and figures
speak for themselves. Not only are they outstanding but they are
yet to be matched and since he left office in 2007 everything has
gone to the dogs. Love him or hate him one thing is clear- not
under Obasanjo’s watch would 7000 thousand innocent Nigerians
be massacred at will in the space of just two years by a bunch of
murderous and heartless terrorists. He would have known exactly
what to do and how to do it to put a stop to such callous
lawlessness and anarchy right from the start. Equally significant is
the fact that such was his love for Nigeria that regardless of the
region, ethnic group or religious faith that the victims came from,
espoused or belonged to, his response to the terrorists would
have been swift, decisive and utterly ruthless. He would have had
Boko Haram in ”shock and awe” and the whole world would have
marvelled at it. This is because in Obasanjo we had a President
who not only had balls but who also had the courage, heart and
guts to match them.
The greatest error that we as a people ever made and the worst
tragedy and misfortune that has ever befallen us as a nation is the
fact that a meek lamb ended up taking a throne that was designed
and prepared for a lion. The unfortunate consequences of that
tragic error and misfortune are there for all to see. The shedding
of the blood of even the youngest, the most innocent and the
most vulnerable in our society by Boko Haram on a daily basis is
an eloquent testimony to that unsavoury fact.

Special thanks to @realFFK for his contribution.



  1. see ehn, nonso… Read about all this man's article and you will find out about something so selfish in what he has written. He called the East and the Niger Delta. I followed almost all his articles, they are pretty interesting in the sense of tribalism and prejudice. He would not stop preening his people. He also claimed that his Father is the real father of Nigeria owing to the details with him that his dad was the one that fought for our freedom. He also claimed that his tribe is not only the most Educated but also the first to be westernly civilized, perhaps he is vying for praise from and for his people. Like father like pikin. Read his articles well sha. And make una mind how una tek dey handle jonathan matter, even with him being an educated illiterate (not knowing what he is saying like his wife), that man they try. Im na super man. Make una think about weytin APC dey capable of. Imagine this left handed and selfish jidahist (IBB) being the president and that false man of God being his vice… Christians, be warned sha. APC 2 get wahala. Dem no wan agree say dem be opportunist cum total failure.


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