Its in YOU!

       I was listening to the radio the other day (lol, yes I still listen to the radio) and the OAPs asked listeners to call in and share the most patriotic thing they had ever done. One lady said she taught children maths for free at her place of work; another person said they always helped old people cross the street. I was impressed by a lot of the answers and then I thought long and hard about the most patriotic thing I had ever done and nothing came to mind. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not a bad citizen. I LOVE my country and I’m proud to be Nigerian and I hate to hear people berate Nigeria but I couldnt come up with one thing I had done to make Nigeria better.
       Now, not to generalise but I’m sure its the same for a lot of us; the President talks or doesn’t talk and we are at the forefront insulting and calling him all kinds of names for the things he hasnt done. At the same time, we are the ones screaming ‘corruption’ , ‘greedy leaders’ and all the other cliches that apply in Nigeria but have we ever stopped to think, ‘ what can I do to stop this?’ or to change that? Don’t say its when I’m in a position of power that i can make a change. Change starts from the littlest things. It could stem from throwing that sweet wrapper in the bin instead of out the window. Or closing that tap that is flowing whenever you walk past it. Or gathering your old clothes and sending them to an orphanage.
  You never know whose life you could change with a simple “I am sorry” or whose day you could make by keeping a smile on your face. We cannot expect the president or the government to change the entire country, four years isn’t enough for that; infact I doubt eternity is. We have to be the change we want to see. I read somewhere that if you can complain about something, then it means that there is a power within you to change that thing. Dont always wait for the next person to fix the problem because chances are, the next person is waiting on another person to fix it!
   So the next time, you hear or see something that makes you question the sanity of others; make an effort to fix it. That perfect Nigeria you are looking for is waiting for you to discover it. Now go on and make a change!!!


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