Written by Davidson Obabueki

Minis raised above kneecaps, variegated blouses sagging vital statistics, lips irritatingly decorated excessively with glossy substances, the eye-lashes, brow and the lids, misguidedly war painted with mascaras of uneven consistency. What!!! Beautiful monsters living a crude and rude existence. It was commonplace in the Antediluvian age to see some human walk nude. Gradually into the Stone and Iron ages changes were made in their modes of dressing this time in leaves, raffias and even in hides. In this 21st century Space age where technology and sophistications has become the mainstay in different countries, the mode of indecent dressing has left a blot on the landscape of development. Like humans in the Stone age, the exposure of one’s lap, bosom and other vital statistics in this Space age to the glare of the public is nothing more than living an old existence in a new age; and such becomes an old fashion of dressing in a new world of development.

The Western sartorial culture has to a large degree, openly infiltrated into Nigeria, fast leaving her in a global desert where dressing in translucent and skimpy clothing is often seen by some persons as modern life. What a dramatic irony! This ignorant and rather atavistic mode of dressing is twice as fast eating into the fabric structures in Nigeria and have become a quid pro quo benefit to some males who see the actors as veneer object of sex. The Nollywood and rag trade industry rear elements when upon performance, strip-tease before their audience who are always ignorantly ready to ask for an encore. The church a place of worship has become a hotbed for these indecent dressers who prostitute and constitute distractions with their bodies. The Ivory towers; a citadel of learning has been reduced to a hideout of indecent exposures in lecture theatres, classrooms et cetera. This honeymoon of indecency, usually bring with it, its corollaries, thereby engraving in the minds of people that these kind are objects of fun.

It marvels me to see a physically endowed lady decently dressed. Is it that she must have probably been aware of the consequences of this crude and rude existing nature of flaunting on indecent clothes? What delight is gained in dressing scantily before leaving one’s abode? Is there any dignity of manner or any attachment of ego in dressing diaphanously? Male folks that flock around you as a result of your indecently old style of dressing, do you think they respect you? Your chaste treasure and the vital statistics you wantonly advertise, how much has it improved your beauty? Before I am accused of being a male jingoist, the male folks are as well compunctive, as some take delight in sagging, and exposing their hairy chest just to display their macho. This immorally malignant epidemic is spurtly infesting innocent ladies and dudes who as a result of peer pressure or otherwise are fast extincting to the back of the beyond. The forensic decision reached in Jones V Randall,  is of fundamental importance. The court frowning at immorality held that: “Whatever is contra bonos mores et decorum (contrary to good customs and morals), the principles of our law prohibit and the kings court as the general censor and guardian of the public manners is bound to restrain and punish”. Parents must readily implant moral values of decency in terms of dressing on their children. They must be nicodemusly vigilant as to the companies they keep.

Now that Nigeria is a developing country trying to become one of the cynosures of the world by amongst others sensitizing and sanitizing her society of illegal structures and also the erection of vistas, the Minister of culture and Tourism, Minister of Environment, Ministry of Urban Development, the special adviser to the President on Ethics  and values and various traditional rulers, must amongst other agendas ensure the riddance of this rural elements out of the system so as not to pose any social sewage to the enhancement of nation building.

Davidson writes from Benin-City.



  1. lol, swag for dictionary mean goods that have been stolen. Swag means loot. Lwkmd, guys wey get swag shey na dem go come become president tomoro. Mehn, no wonder my padi dey steal im mama money to go dey buy rags wey im dey use for swag show off. Lolz.


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