It is the oldest known logic in human history-Cause and effect. Action and reaction. True to type, Reuben Abati was on hand to rescue his Boss. It wouldnt be surprising should Mr. Abati tell us the President travelled alone to America, his words no longer hold meaning to me. The man now wears a thin veneer of responsibility to me. He could turn white to black in the twinkle of an eye.           
A senior official in the Bangladesh foreign ministry had this to say about the 165-man delegation his prime minister took to the 68th UN General Assembly: “There is no justification of such a huge delegation spending huge hard-earned money of poor people by way of comfortable air travels and staying in luxurious hotels because only a few officials from the Prime Minister’s office…have the engagement with the UN”. This is indeed a great lesson to be learnt at no cost whatsoever, but our own President would rather ignore the statistics available to him.Certainly, I couldnt help but feel sorry for the Bangladeshi official, but he needed to have come from my country to know what it feels like “spending huge hard-earned money of poor people”. He is even crying over a paltry 165-man entourage, whereas my own President felt the whole Government should be at the UN. The twinges of disquiet didnt readily creep in until much later because from the look of things, we are obviously on the path to doom. Which sane country would not try to salvage its dwindling educational environment, how little however? Except my President is trying to tell me his entourage-equalling a small village, is entirely made up of uneducated men and women, himself inclusive.           
And so when I saw the amiable D.G of Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC), Arunma Otteh, smiling and nodding like an Agama lizard besides the President, while the latter was being interviewed, I didnt need the explanations of the self-acclaimed image maker, Mr.Abati. The action said much, not the least of which was: “Nigeria is the safest heaven on earth. Nigerian Universities are the best universities in the world. Nigerian Youths are more technologically advanced than their western counterparts. There are quadrillion jobs waiting for the over 500,000 graduates. Nigeria is indeed over-flowing with milk and honey.”

Written by Arikor Collins.



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