Before embarking on this task, I had dedicated a great deal of attention to ongoing happenings which might have rendered my efforts worthless, but everywhere around me was over-filled with encouraging signs.   

Nigeria, as most often is the case seems to be a land of absurdities. From Spartan State legislators to lascivious National legislators-whose licentious libidos could not be curtailed. From a National budget not passed six months into the fiscal year-because some selfish interests have not been met to the Government spending millions daily on refreshments. The political landscape is awash with them and the country seems to be thriving in them (absurdities, I mean). Little wonder then a writer gave it a befitting sobriquet, ‘A land of unusual precedents’. One absurdity has been gradually rearing its ugly head and sending out grisly warnings which have constantly been ignored. After the not-so-long political conundrum in Rivers State, the President’s wife took to different media to register her disapproval. But while condemning the upheaval, made such remarks as “This office”, “it is our position” etc. It struck with awe how far our President’s wife had gone in her ravenous bid for power, same with a random wife whose husband had managed to get himself into a little political position. A close look at the ongoing constitutional amendments never at any point provided for the “First-Lady syndrome” which is spreading like    harmattan wildfire amongst wives of political office holders. But, the stark nature of the situation had hit me with a thrusting force-This is Naija-a land where everything goes.

It seems that Madame is garnering enough clout for her Darling husband’s second term bid, and in the process doesn’t mind whose toes are stepped on (even the constitutions’). She seems to be at the limelight of her husband’s administration, taking delight in making grandiose trips abroad at the slightest instance, that one couldn’t help but wonder if she wasn’t the one we voted for in the first instance.

Ironically, the greater part of the blame should be apportioned to us. We had watched in our usual nonchalant attitude the progression from a tenuous trait to a repugnant character. From Maryam Babangidas’ glamour and lavishness in a country bedevilled by mortuaries for hospitals, death-traps for roads and stones for bread, to Maryam Abachas’ display of grandeur and opulence with taxpayers hard-earned monies. Then followed Stella Obasanjos’ acts of personal aggrandizements.

My only fear and rightfully as such remains: is that should the status quo not be checked, the next President’s wife might be a combination of all these traits mentioned herein, and only then, in our usual manner of crying over spilt milk, would we realize that the situation has crossed over from a handshake to a chest shake.

This article was written by Arikor Collins.

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3 thoughts on “TIME TO LASSO A WILD HORSE.

  1. With these shameful display of ignorance by these attention seeking shameless selected (sorry elected) officers and their wives. Very soon we will be hearing applause from political do gooders and some hanger on about how successful these first ladies are in transforming our lives (actually their pockets). Good one


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