I remember as a child when I would just lie down gazing at the stars to philosophize. I used to ask God some deep questions pertaining to my existence. One such questions that I remember asking is why I am a Nigerian. Why was I not born to an American household or European   parents? Or even if I were to be born into a Nigerian household, why did I not end up as the son of stinkingly rich business tycoons like Aliko Dangote or Femi Otedola. It was after watching the match that Chelsea played against Fulham on Saturday that it occurred to me that there are really some things that are beyond our control.
No matter how much we try to be in control of our lives, there are still some things that are things that we just cannot determine because they are completely out of our control.
John Mikel Obi scored his first goal ever in English premiership on Saturday after playing for over seven years. One cannot deny the fact that he is indeed an integral part of the Chelsea squad. But can it be that all these while that he has been playing, he did not strive hard enough to get a goal? During Michael Essien’s stay at Stamford Bridge, we definitely saw him score goals. And Essien and Mikel Obi were both defensive midfielders.
Thus, can we then attribute our centenary troubles in our dearly beloved Nigeria to lack of trying? There have indeed been many people who have tried to get Nigeria into the biblical Promised Land that our Colonial masters promised us when they first made contact with us. But it seems that no matter how hard these celebrated patriots try, there are always some insurgents who will want to place their own selfish agendas over and above the well-being of the general public. And sadly enough, these selfish insurgents are occupying positions of authority which places them at the helm of our affairs.
But as the Holy Bible records, there is a time for everything under the heavens. If it could take Mikel Obi seven years of hard work before he could get his first Premier League goal, then the do-gooders in this country who are sweating daily to shape this country into that desired Utopia should not be discouraged by the efforts of selfish insurgents- in whatever form they appear. Whether it is that politician that has been siphoning hordes of Nigerian Naira meant to build infrastructure, or the boss who has been wrongfully denying you the promotion which you so rightfully desire, or that lecturer who has been thwarting your every attempt to graduate successfully, we should not be discouraged. Rather, we should view these obstacles in the way an advancing striker views defenders who are trying to stop him from getting his desired goal by dribbling around the obstacle while also trying to avoid getting injured.

Even if it takes us 55 years, the time for this country to blossom is coming. And on that great day, no defender would be spared that dribble which will disgrace them for ever. No matter the number of lawyers that the corrupt politician lines up, or the amount of bribes that has changed hands, nothing will stop this country from getting there.
And on that day, I will be there to see it all. 

This article was posted by Oluwanonso.



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