It Begins With Me

I have learnt to accept whatever life throws at me. I have also learnt to accept the fact that as a Nigerian, there are many things which I just have to put up with. If I keep waiting for the Government to do things for me, I might end up like the 52 year-old lady who is still waiting for Mr Perfect to propose to her. Life has its ups and down, and life as a Nigerian definitely has more ups than downs. But it is left to me to choose whether to pick up the pieces from the ‘downs’ and create opportunities which will catapult me to the desired height, or to keep waiting in the abysmal pit for my saviour to come and rescue me.
People do say that life is not a bed of roses, but we cannot ignore the fact that life does indeed have all the necessary raw materials to make a lovely bed of roses. It is left to me to decide whether I will be the one to pick up the spade or I should simply wait for someone who is ‘better qualified’ than me to do the task. We are now in a generation where ‘anything’ can happen; and one has to constantly be on the lookout for such miracles.
Everyone wants to make it in life, but sadly, not many people are ready to take that leap of faith that will set them on the track to greatness. But the truth about life is that until we take that leap of faith, we are just going to continue waiting in vain like the 52 year-old lady who is still patiently waiting for her perfect man.
Many people are familiar with the story of the stowaway Nigerian boy who took that great leap of faith that has tremendously catapulted him into achieving his goals. This boy’s dream was to go to America, but he did not just sit back at home, content with watching Hollywood movies. No Sir. He took a great and dangerous leap by going the extra mile to see that he actualises his dream. And his sacrifice was ultimately rewarded with success.
Although I would really love to see someone else try it, but this article is definitely not encouraging anyone to try such dare-devilry tricks such as hanging on to the tyres of an aeroplane. The crux of the matter is that watching Hollywood movies alone and fantasizing yourself in America won’t take you anywhere near America. It is until you take that great leap, such as hiking that plane, or hanging on to that tyre, or even jumping out of that building that you will be many steps closer to the great America. Let me be as quick to remind you that there are many hospitals in America which specialise in treating broken bones limbs, as well as a number of well-funded psychiatric hospitals with sophisticated gadgets in America, should your plan go wrong.
Actually, we do not need to employ such extreme tactics before we get that close to our dreams. All that may be required may just be to purchase that change of course form, or to fill that JAMB form, or even to register for that examination. It might just be a simple visit to his office, or even to just speak out.
Just as that Nigerian teenager who ‘discovered’ himself amidst the tyre well of Arik Airplane, I have discovered my own selling point, and I am going to use that opportunity to build a bed of roses for myself. If we are all to do the same, then this world is definitely going to become one big merry Rose garden. 

Posted by Oluwanonso.
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