Think not of what your country can do for you, but of what you can do for your country…. J.F KENEDY
It seems that this dictum of Kenedy’s is fast becoming an unachievable height of Utopia. The only thing Nigerians can do is to expect their government to do things for them. How does this Jonathan administration expect the youths of this generation to contribute to the developmental well-being of this country when the basic and fundamental ammenities to do so are conspisciously lacking in this country.

I wonder how the youths of this country can build good roads and bridges, develop space ships, man the up-to-date gadgets that are being imported into the health sector, and manage our bubbling economy without the prerequisite exquiste knowledge to do so?
Permit me to say, but it seems that everything that concerns this country is an abberation, a deviation from the normal. Why else should our dear Jonathan, who wore no shoes to school (at least he had a school to go to) not allow our youhs who definitely have shoes to wear, the chance of going to school?
For 41 days, the university students of this capricious country have been biting their fingernails at home, doing totally nothing. Yet the leadership of this country have been going about in their normal business, because their own kids are safely tucked away in foreign universities. They have continued to earn their salaries and their allowances out of the taxmoney which my own parents paid. My parents paid their taxes dutifully, in the hopes that the helmsmen of this country will manage it to the betterment of the nation. But alas, the helmsmen have made it a fundamental duty to thwart the hopes and aspirations of her citizens.
Mr President Sir, I cannot bring myself to understand why the wondergirl whom you so much boasted about, and who worked at the World Bank, should tell us that this government has no money to meet ASUU’s demands. If the Finance Minister actually possesses all the qualification that she claims to have, why then can she not dream of ingenious means to raise money to pay the lecturers? Such as cutting down on the expenses and allowances of top governmental workers for instance?
The Legal Watchmen would like to remind Jonathan that it is barely past a year that he made the unpopular decision to cut fuel subsidy. One cannot afford to make such mistakes all the time, especially not when he is considering running for a second term.

There is money in Nigeria, no doubt, and there is money in the pockets of the Federal Government. So the F.G should stop being stingy and accede to the demands of our lecturers, so that we the youths can be able to do good things for this country, and not expect the country to do things for us.

Jonathan, please we have shoes, and we want to wear them to school.


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