Spirit Of Sallah.

Let us not to the marriage of true Minds admit impediments:
Now that the spirit of Sallah is upon us once more, and especially when are brillant cabinet members have decided that nothing, not even the FEC meeting will make them miss the Sallah celebrations, the Nigerian massess must not be left out. We must join in killing rams in an Islamic manner to celebrate our centenary woes. While we are doing it the Muslim way, we must not put our national problems out of mind. The fact that our university students have been at home for over a month should be fresh in our minds as we celebrate the Sallah way. we should also not forget the National Assembly is in the process of amending some perinent sections of our opprobriously “reverred” constitution. While slaughtering the rams, we should bear in mind that very soon, suitors would be coming to ask for the hand of our eight-year old daughters in marriage, because our Nigerian law has said that it is the “Islamic way”.
I do not want to be a spoilsport, but I just want us to remember to be grateful for the season, and the very fact that we have rams to slaughter. But while we are slaughtering these rams, let us do it in symbolism of slaughtering our problems because ALLAH IS GREAT, and I do not want to believe that the Great ALLAH will stand back and watch His people suffer.



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