The recent outing of the incontrovertible “Super Chickens” at the ongoing FIFA Confederations Cup leaves no room for doubt as to their unparalleled and unprecedented quality. The Nigerian team which had at the onstage brimmed with unquenchable valour made it known to us that anything short of the trophy was a failure. Happily, they were able to display their unequalled prowess against the Tahitian side that was no doubt made up of a golden selection of well experienced mechanics, welders, farmers, and bus conductors who have spent a great deal of their lifetime on the football pitch.
            Not that the Super Chickens should be blamed anyway. Their political counterparts back at home induce us into believing during their campaigns that anything short of a utopian state is a failure. But once they find themselves within the corridors of power, they would gladly build hospitals, roads, bridges, and unabashedly create jobs on the pages of newspapers and T.V screens. Hard as it seems, the Super Chickens (sorry, Eagles) gave us a very good show. They proved their mettle by losing out when it mattered most after a well displayed beautiful nonsense. However, we do know that when eggs are broken and omelettes cannot be made from them, such eggs are as good as stones.
            Now, it seems that a contest to outshine the Super Eagles and its political counterparts has been initiated by the Osagu Innocent- led LAWSAN government. The new government seems to be very attentive to the pressing needs of LAWSANs. It is no doubt in exercise of this unique and exceptional insight that the new executives deem it of paramount and utmost importance that a visit to MacCarthy beach is what law students need just a few weeks to the second semester examinations. It has always been my view that most government officials are indeed highly sensitive and perceptive. I cannot but hail the oriental wisdom and offer my ‘sincere’ congratulations to the LAWSA executives for their Solomonic wisdom. As the Igbos would say, “The Ocean eats only the legs it sees.” MacCarthy beach, as I was told, takes at least one person when disturbed. So I wonder whose legs MacCarthy beach wants to eat this time around.
            Before we are accused of being spoilsports, I am not unconvinced that a visit to the Benin High Court or the Court of Appeal would not prove worthless. I was informed by Secondary School students that the Edo State House of Assembly has a large gallery for visitors. I know that the National Assembly is out of the question, let alone the Supreme Court. All these places would greatly improve our training as lawyers, not some place where the crazy ones amongst us cannot wait to display their appalling nudity.
            I am sure that going by the calibre of people who represent us in the LAWSA parliament and also in the exco can do exceedingly greater than this. Their innovative and assiduous leadership should be channelled in the right direction so as to catapult LAWSA into higher horizons, for ‘direction is more important than speed.’                                              
  Make una no fall our hand oooo!               

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