Does it really make sense for a 200level student to pass his course mate without even a glance or greeting passing between them? Is it really becoming of social animals that have been placed together by nature in the same classroom for the next five years to learn together without even knowing their names? Indeed I was baffled when I accosted one of my course mate and challenged her that we have been together in the same classroom for close to two years and I didn’t even know her name. The excuse that she gave before she finally told me her name got me really thinking. She told me that we are so many in the class that it is not possible for everyone to know each other.
             Can it then be said, beyond all reasonable vestiges of doubt, that we are in such a multitudinous number that this is not achievable? A proper perusal of the issue at hand will reveal that the major reason why most Law students don’t talk to themselves is that they have a misguided sense of pride. Most law students have a capitalistic-cum-bourgeoisie mentality. They believe that the fact that they come from a well-to-do background gives them an air of superiority over and above their course mates. Personally speaking, this mentality is one that is demonic-guided and not of God. Remember in the words of Martin Luther King Jnr., “If we don’t live together as brothers, then we will die together as fools.” The fact that one is from a rich background does not give him or her the imprimatur to be a snub all in the name of forming. One cannot make it to the top of the ladder without the help of friends for friends are people who oil the engines of one’s life.
            Another unfortunate mentality which is peculiar to many a law student is the opprobrious habit of using his knowledge of law to oppress and intimidate others. A close friend of mine in a futile attempt to escape his contractual liability unsuccessfully tried to rely on some technical jargons which could not avail him. Most law students are in the habit of using the knowledge which they have not even fully acquired to the detriment of others. As Socrates goldenly puts it; “True knowledge or wisdom is in accepting your ignorance.” The fact that one is studying law does not give him or her an extended air of superiority over one who is studying Fish Farming. I can categorically state at this juncture, without the fear of equivocation that there are many people studying Linguistics and the Languages who are intellectually and academically more mature than some law students.

            I hope I have succeeded in my God given assignment of flogging out the evil spirits of ‘forming’ and the demons of ‘boning’ which seems to have invaded the souls of many a law student. If anybody who is guilty of this unbecoming attitude and is not ready to change in the nearest future, then I would suggest to CLASFON to organise a special vigil in which they would invite renowned men of God who will come to do a special deliverance service to rid our faculty of these demonic elements. For the best room is the room for improvement. Change in itself is unchanging.

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