Nigeria is a country blessed with a multiplicity and plethora of resources. Amongst these abundant resources is a wealth of knowledge which is associated with the myopic leaders that we are characterized with. Of course, our leaders pride themselves in being sensitive to the needs of the people. However, they should stop fooling themselves because they are only sensitive to their own selfish agendas. This is true to the words of Ronald Reagan that Government does not solve the problems, but rather subsidize the problems.
It is in exercise of this abundant knowledge that our very dear First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, deemed it that one of the pertinent needs of the Nigerian society at the moment is a First Lady mansion which will house visiting wives of Heads of States of various countries in Abuja. It is indeed very sensitive of our very Dame Patience to foresee that of all the Housing Projects to be embarked on, the mansion project must not only be included, but also given priority.
In a country where there is a minimum number of eight students per room in one of the top three universities in Nigeria. In a country where military scruples serve to turn many into homeless citizens. In a country where one of the smallest but densely populated states is fighting with the forces of nature for land. In a country where making long distance journeys is a constant nightmare due to the dilapidated nature of the roads. I could go on and on to list the deficiencies of the Nigerian infrastructural society. But the most important thing is that our First Lady feels that a mansion for the wives of visiting heads of states is more intriguing and pertinent than any of the above.
In fact, does she even have a justiciable claim? It is common knowledge that our revered 1999 Constitution does not make any provision for the office of the First Lady. In fact, there should be no such cliché as that. I wonder if the Aso Rock is not big enough to contain the president and his wife. Or are there no enough international standard hotels in Abuja that can house any visiting dignitary?
I wonder why those in the helm of power love making our country a boulevard of misery. In our very own Faculty of Law here, it should be on record that such white elephant projects shall be seriously frowned upon. The ‘First Ladies’ of our faculty, especially those who are occupying positions that are not established by law should beware and be warned that the electorate of the Faculty of Law are not as myopic as the members of the National Assembly. Now is the time for Nigerians to ride on the crest wave of purposeful leadership for leadership itself is not a vehicle for consumption but for contribution. Let it also be known this day that you can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time.

A word they say, is enough for the wise.

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