The Bar
The Bench
The accused
The air pregnant with tension.
Learned men in wigs
Raising salient and pertinent issues
Invoking general rules and their exceptions
Invoking the provisions of statutes and judicially affirming them.
Suspects, accused, Plaintiffs a’ Defendants
Brought to humility by the court
Regardless of their societal standings
Following the proceedings of the court with pretentious air of interest.
The witnesses, sworn to tell the sooth and sod off
Bound by the provisions of the Evidence Act and the ropes of the court
In leaps and bounds
Find thyself in a fit ‘cause o’ the dreading cross-examination.
The learned men in wigs
Taking up the gauntlet
Hammering on the finer points of law
Applying the sword to the facts at hand.
The custodian of justice
Like a pendulum swings hither thither to every word said
Interrupting courses of argument when off tangent
With a learned air of learnedness.
O! What a great hush that befalleth the court
The harbinger of justice unentangles his windpipe
Rejects repulsive argument and concedes to conscientious conclusions
With a vengeance on a free ride to judgment.
O! What a spectacle it is to behold
Better even to be in the throes of wigs
And best it seems to bestow judgment

What a promise the profession holds for all.

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