When Phil Collins decided to use the above appellation as the title of his fourth studio album, it certainly proved that things were no longer the same. And the same can be said of the enviable Faculty of Law because of the ugly trend of indecent dressing which has obliterated all sense of morality in our distinguished faculty.
                A detailed perusal of the Faculty prospectus (2010-2012) reveals that, “The legal profession is a profession for gentlemen and lawyers who are reputed for dressing well.” It went further to whet my heightened appetite by declaring that, Those aspiring to become members of the legal profession must be properly or well dressed, not only when they get to law school but while at the academic stage of training.” I do not need to go far to know that “The academic stage” referred to above is the formative years of training, which of course, is obtained in the university.
But, just as a plague no one can stop, indecent dressing amongst law students has become a cure no one can find. It has blossomed into a labyrinth of horror.
Though much has eloquently been said of this issue, it seems the monster has fully grown and it defies every act of training. The situation seems to be prevalent with the female law students. In their despicable bid to become the cynosure of all eyes, they wouldn’t mind jettisoning the simple provisions of the Faculty of Law prospectus. They wear ludicrously tight skirts which provocatively expose the contours of their anatomy not meant for others. For others, it is the miniskirtmania.’ And yet for others, it is the sheer see-through dresses which do no better than not being worn at all. They shamelessly flaunt what is supposed to be hidden which proves them to be unrelenting. Another ludicrous attitude of girls is their excessive use of make-ups. This, though not severe, makes clowns of some female law students. The finished result of this makes them look like stuffed-up Barbie dolls.
From the look of things, it seems menacingly obvious that moral values which are supposed to be of great abundance in the Faculty of Law have been eroded and are being subsequently replaced by creepy and unsettling norms.
Before one should mistake this write-up to be the work of a sadistic male chauvinist, I must categorically state at this point that the male students are also guilty of this offence, although theirs stands no chance compared to the females. Expositions on this issue have all pointed accusing fingers at the influx of westernization as the focal cause of this ugly situation. Granted that ‘civilization’ is one of the major causes of this ugly situation, this write-up opines that curbing this menace involves the contribution of all.
It is high time that people understood that expensive clothing is not style. Body structure and colour should be the guiding principle when choosing clothes to buy.
Most importantly, the great Faculty of Law should wake up to its responsibilities. Other faculties are looking up to the Faculty of Law who pride themselves as being a unique faculty.
Above all, it rests on these students to have a complete change of mind about dressing. The primary purpose of dressing is to cover the body, but when the reverse is the case, then that is certainly something other than dressing which might be mistaken for madness.

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